Feb 19

2015 Founders Day – RSVP Requested

West Point Society of OregonThe West Point Society of Oregon is pleased to invite you and your spouse or guest to the 2015 Founders Day Dinner. Our special guest and keynote speaker will be Brigadier General Timothy E. Trainor, Ph.D., Class of 1983. Brigadier General Trainor is the 13th Dean of the Academic Board at West Point.

Brigadier General Timothy Trainor


Following tradition, the Society will host new cadet candidates as our special guests. A pre-briefing for candidates and their parents will precede the social hour and dinner, to provide further insight to the Academy and to cadet development. This provides an opportunity for these young people and their parents to learn more about West Point and to share in some of the special camaraderie deriving from our gathering.


Attire for the dinner will be dress blues or appropriate evening dinner attire. For newcomers, the MAC facility has a large parking garage across Salmon Street that is open to guests.


The attached return form can be completed and submitted as your RSVP.

  • There is $20 in annual dues for regular members of the Society. This money is used for the candidates’ dinners and related costs, Society guest speakers, and for printing, mailing and miscellaneous administrative costs.
  • During our Founders Day Dinner, we will vote for confirmation of our inbound Board of Directors. In addition to your RSVP, please review the proposed 2015 confirmation. If you will not be present for the dinner, we request a proxy vote with your RSVP submission.

Please return the enclosed reservation to Kevin Byrne ‘93, as noted on the form, with the required information and your check payable to “West Point Society of Oregon” for the dinner and/or dues. Your response is requested by March 12th. Please join us as we dine and celebrate our common bond on West Point’s 213th birthday!

Go Army!
Kevin J. Byrne ’93
Captain, USA (Retired)
President, WPS-OR
Attached is a copy of the invitation and RSVP form.

WPS-OR FD ’15 Invite-RSVP