Oct 06

15 October Luncheon: USO & Veterans Educational and Legacies Database

For October, the USO is back AND MORE!

Jon Sanford, a Co-founding Advisory Board Member with the USO Portland, will provide us with an update on the Portland USO and what’s on the horizon.

In addition to his USO work, Jon is the Executive Director at Veterans Educational and Legacies Database. The Veterans Educational and Legacies Database is responsible for the successful launch and operations of a national database of veterans stories, images, and videos.

Jon will share both of these incredible projects with us. He is a Disabled Combat Veteran and was the Veterans and Defense Advocate for US Senator Ron Wyden for the last four years; Jon’s advocacy for returning soldiers of our military is quite admirable. His stories and updates will surely reflect his personal commitment!


Please join us if you are in the Portland area on the 15th:

1) Date: Wednesday, 15 October

2) Location: The Old Spaghetti Factory, 715 SW Bancroft St., Portland (off MacAdam Blvd just south of the Aerial Tram)

3) Time: 11:45 AM

4) Lunch is $15 for all


For planning purposes, please RSVP me if you can attend. A quick email reply is fine. As always, your guests and friends are always welcome to join us.


Go Army!

Kevin J. Byrne ’93
Captain, USA (Retired)
President, WPS-OR

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