Jul 14

Onaway 5k, supporting VetREST

My Friends,


Saturday’s Onaway 5k, supporting VetREST was a huge success!  Beautiful weather kicked in with a motivated group of runners and volunteers to make for a spectacular inaugural event.  Congratulations to Dan and his team on the great achievement.

A special thank you to our society members who supported me, helping me to raise over $1,125 to support our veterans in need.  There are a lot more across the Society who can give; it’s not too late…

Here’s how to support VetREST:

CPT(R) Kevin J. Byrne
4390 SW Parkview Ave
Portland, OR 97225


VetREST permanent link: http://wpsor.org/?page_id=266

As far as how the 5k went for me, I took 3rd place in the 40-yr men’s grouping!  Thanks for MG(R) Curt Loop for pacing me….and thank you for only 2 other 40-yr old men running!

Here’s my favorite shot of the day, taken right after the race.  I like to call it “Running with the stars!”  MG(R) Curt Loop, MG Dan York, BG Steve Beach, and ‘junior’ CPT(R) Kevin Byrne.


To Dan, Mark, and all the family/friends working the Onaway 5k supporting VetREST…..thank you!  I can’t wait for next year!


GO Army!



Kevin J. Byrne ’93
Captain, USA (Retired)
President, WPS-OR


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