Feb 05

Founders Day 2014 Invitation

My Friends,

I am glad to share our invitation for this year’s Founders Day celebration with the West Point Society of Oregon.
* Friday, March 14th
* Our special guest and keynote speaker will be COL John Nelson ’89, Academy Professor with the Department of English and Philosophy. In addition to West Point, COL Nelson has earned degrees from Oregon State University (M.A., English) and the University of Washington (Ph.D., Comparative Literature).  Given his unique perspectives on the states of the Academy, the US Army, and the Pacific Northwest, COL Nelson will bring many welcome updates to our Society.

Attached is the invitation and return form. Please note the RSVP dates.
WPS-OR FD ’14 Invite and Return Form
I hope to see as many friends as possible on March 14th. Until then, Go Army!

Kevin J. Byrne ’93
Captain, USA (Retired)
President, WPS-OR

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