Supporting Our Society Members

Hi Oregon and SW Washington Old Grads and Friends of West Point,
I hope that this email finds you and your families safe from the wildfires, smoke, and power outages across parts of Oregon.  If not, and if you need any help and assistance, please reach out to myself or any of the Directors of the WPS-OR.

We are collecting money that will directly go to our society members who are affected by the wildfires. If you would like to donate, please use one of these options:

To send money through PayPal (accepts PayPal transfers and credit cards)

To transfer money using the Zelle app (if your bank supports it), transfer to:

Kevin Byrne


In both cases, you will receive a donation receipt directly from The West Point Society Treasurer.

See below for our phone numbers and email addresses.  We will do whatever we can to get you help from the extensive network of Old Grads across the state.
Additionally, if you haven’t found it yet, here is the one-stop webpage that I have been using for easy access to resources and information around the

Go Army!  Beat the Wildfires!

Alice ’94

WPS-OR, President


Founders Day – Register Now!

WPS-OR Founders Day

The West Point Society of Oregon is pleased to invite you and your spouse or guest to the 2020 Founders Day Dinner on March 7th at Tualatin Country Club. Our special guest and keynote speaker is BG Cindy Jebb ’82, Dean of the Academic Board. BG Jebb will present current remarks regarding the Academy and its purpose and missions for the Army and the Nation.

Following tradition, the Society is hosting new cadet candidates as our special guests. A pre-briefing for candidates and their parents precedes the social hour and dinner, to provide further insight to the Academy and to cadet development. This provides an opportunity for these young people and their parents to learn more about West Point and to share in some of the special camaraderie deriving from our gathering.

At the registration site, there is $20 in annual dues for regular members of the Society. This money is used for the candidates’ dinners and related costs, Society guest speakers, and for printing, mailing, and miscellaneous administrative costs. 

Your response is requested by February 22nd. Please join us as we dine and celebrate our common bond on West Point’s 218th birthday!

Go Army!

Alice Quesenberry ’94
President, WPS-OR

Founders Day Warning Order

WPS-OR Founders Day